We are your full service solar power company in Saskatchewan.

We provide the full package – parts, installation & more

Going solar has never been easier! We take care of all the planning – we go over every detail to make sure your solar power system is perfect for you. We also provide all of the parts and installation. We install solar panels made by well-recognized manufacturers who produce top quality products with very attractive warranties.


Residential & Commercial

We install solar power systems for your home or business. We have the products and knowledge to install a solar power system that is right for you.

No job is too big or too small

Whether you are powering a small home or a large commercial operation, solar energy can work for you.

Roof & Ground Mounted Systems

Solar panels can be mounted on your roof or on a ground-mounted rack. We do an on-site assessment to make sure you get the perfect solution for you.

Solutions for your Space

We have options to suit your needs. Solar power is a smart choice for any space.

Complete Installation or DIY

We are experts in solar power system installation. From start to finish and beyond, we take care of you.

We are here to help

Whether you’re a DIY type or needing a complete install we are happy to offer you our knowledge and expertise.

Grid-Tied and Off-Grid Systems

We help you take control of your power usage and output using a solar power system.

Save money by generating your own power

Ever wanted to go “off-the-grid”? We can help you do that using solar power! We also have many years of installing grid-tied systems and are always up to date with current electrical codes and regulations.

We Help You Monitor Your Solar Power System Online

Watch your daily production of electricity and monitor performance and efficiency using an internet monitoring device. We help you custom design your own data reporting on the user-friendly interface.

Here’s a screenshot of an online monitoring system which allows you to easily oversee your solar energy production.

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